Hardeep Dhanjal is one of Denmark’s most talented and versatile inspirational speakers. His references from the top of the Danish and international business world speak for themselves.

His ability to strengthen people’s mental state and create positive change in organizations has led him to inspire some of the world’s largest companies. Hardeep has delivered his inspirational speaks to over thousands of global leaders. He has spoken in the U.K., Sweden, Norway, Germany, Turkey to such companies such as. Maersk, Halliburton, AkerBP, Pepsi, and more.

In Denmark, companies like Vestas, Ørsted, Coop, ISS, IBM and TDC have repeatedly used him to deliver his powerful inspirational call to action. Hardeep often experiences being invited back to deliver his message again and he always targets his message to the specific situation.
His ability to reach the heart of people and deliver messages that reinforce the belief that we can succeed, is truly unique. Hardeep understands that it is the people within the organisation that matter most in the journey toward the reaching your vision!

Hardeep has a passion for education and is a regular guest in the Danish educational system ranging from secondary schools to universities. He also has spoken to top students in London. Hardeep is an accomplished athlete, and works with professional soccer players from the Danish Super League, National Handball League and provides mental and performance coaching for a champion boxer.

The reason for this success is due to Hardee’s ability to understand the needs of organizations and individuals and deliver the action-oriented inspiration needed so that visions and goals can be achieved.


Hardeep was born in 1977 in Farum just outside Copenhagen. His parents had emigrated from India a few years before. During his upbringing, Hardeep experienced many challenges in school, at home, and difficult times as a Danish-Indian. These early years both challenged and developed Hardeep.
The challenges from his early years made him strong and able to handle a number of new challenges as an adult. Many of his struggles in life have been used as fuel for, his music career, and now, in his quest to become one of the most exciting inspirational speakers in the world.


When Hardeep was 17, he decided to chase the dream of being successful in the music industry. It was a difficult and challenging journey, with many obstacles along the way. Many friends and family members did not believe in Hardeep’s dream, but Hardeep persevered. He always believed in himself. He held on to his vision, and in 2008, after 12 years of hard work, his group Overseas succeeded in becoming the best selling international group in India and publishing music in 13 countries.

Hardeep has performed live for audiences of over 30,000 fans. He has given concerts in the UK, Sweden, Dubai, India and Denmark. In addition, he has appeared on TV for over 200 million viewers.

However, the music adventure had a sudden ending. A young and naive Hardeep got caught in the merciless business world of the music industry, cheated for royalties and exploited by both record label and management. The harsh treatment extinguished the “fire” within that had been life-giving for Hardeep’s musical creativity. He therefore made a decision to leave the music industry.

The consequence of this experience of deception was extremely painful mentally and physically. Hardeep experienced both stomach ulcers and a depression as a result. For three years Hardeep was in a dark place where no light could penetrate. He was aware that he was not living up to his own full potential, and slowly he gathered strength to rise, determined once again to prove to himself, his family and the world that he was not broken.

A former boss introduced Hardeep to American “motivational speaking” with these words: “Hardeep, I know an incredible number of leaders, but I have never met a person who can inspire me the way you do.” A new world, a new life and a new vision for opened for Hardeep.
He went on to study the most talented American inspirational speakers and developed his own style and approach to speaking, incorporating all of his performance experience, business experience and life lessons into a unique approach to inspirational speaking that only Hardeep can deliver.
Today Hardeep is among Denmark’s leading inspirational speakers, with awards and appearances at TEDx Talks and more.

Hardeep has a burning desire to reach out to people with inspiration and strong life-affirming messages that have “real life” qualities. He instills the same intense will and focus in his efforts to inspire people and organizations as the one that brought him to tops with his music. Today he is recognized as one of Denmark’s best speakers.

Building on his music career, sports career, his work as a mental and performance coach, multicultural insights, spiritual studies and passionate approach to life, Hardeep has developed a unique quality for speaking directly from the heart to the heart. His lectures are held in Danish or English, and always include an International approach to the challenges we all face, both on a personal and professional level. Hardeep inspires people and organizations to fight for their dreams and visions by coming out of their “comfort zone” so that positive development can occur. He inspires people to take responsibility, take action, and chase their full potential.

Hardeep has some of Denmark’s best references from the top of the business world, education and professional sports.

All speaks are customized. Time is always invested in preparing and understanding the needs of each audience and to ensure the quality of Hardeep’s message is tailored and unique.