Hardeep made an impression! A strong and lasting impression. The Professional team, our talent academy and all of our employees got a completely authentic performance which was full of passion, vigor, energy, and especially knowledge, on how one can grow as a person, group or business. A combination of personal experience peppered with examples from performance culture, created a magical morning in Ikast. We still carry Hardeep’s talk with us in our hearts and in our minds every day. We highly recommend his skills to others. You will not be sorry. It is not the last time we see Hardeep in FC Midtjylland.
Glen Riddersholm, Head Coach Football Club FC Midtjylland

I have never in my life been caught up as intensely as when Hardeep began his lecture. I wish that everyone had the opportunity to meet this unique creature, because he really puts life into perspective. 20 minutes after this amazing lecture, I started calling all connections I have in my close network. I wish that everyone gets the chance to experience Hardeep live, not only athletes but anyone, who wants something out of life and needs the inspiration and motivation to go for it.
David Toni Lindholm Nielsen. Youth Chairman , Boldklubben Union

It was a great experience to hear Hardeep speak for my players. His presentation was interesting personal, lively and varied, in both pace and content. The players’ subsequent response has been impressive and there is no doubt that the presentation has motivated them to chase their dreams. Dreams that before seemed impossible, but now have been transformed into realistic goals for my boys.
– Kristian Mørch, U17 head coach B93, Academy Coach, Team Copenhagen