All lectures will be carefully tailored to the customer after a conversation and analysis of the organization.

The human factor

Success is not obtained without the will to achieve it! Whether it is the employees, staff, or management, reaching your goal is mostly about having the will to succeed.

The desire for a good salary is not enough to beat the competition. There MUST be a desire that you as a team and organization are the best, as well as an understanding that you as an individual have a responsibility for, and an influence on, the overall result.

Sometimes it is necessary to inspire employees or your colleagues and give them a wake-up call. This is where Hardeep Dhanjal comes into the picture. He uses no power points, no graphs, no videos, only pure passion and energy that is contagious! Hardeep ignites the desire for success.
If your company needs a strong energy boost with vitality, motivation, and inspiration from one of Denmark's most empathetic and intense speakers, then invest in an hour with Hardeep and get an experience that will impact your organization for months and years to come.
Hardeep’s speaks can be customized to either employees, managers, teams, divisions, or the entire organization.


This speak focuses on audience mindset at larger events where several speakers and experts are brought on stage to deliver detailed knowledge and information.

These types of events often run over an entire day or several days. During such an event, a strong start or conclusion can be the catalyst that energizes the participants to focus on positive expectations for the event. It also inspires to return home not only with a lot of new knowledge but also with a willingness and mindset for action.

In this presentation, Hardeep reminds the audience of the value of the specific knowledge that the audience receives. With examples from the participating experts, Hardeep puts together a message that provides lasting actionable value. It is a form of “conference summary” delivered with energy and power!

The Keynote requires a prep-meeting where Hardeep and event organizers discuss, themes, goals, and the various messages and information that will be presented during the organization's event. Minimum 1 meeting, typically 3-5 days prior to the event including access to relevant event materials.


This lecture is created with a focus on elite sports teams and high-performance leadership!
An intense lecture that has its focus on the "price" that has to be paid for being among the best. Hardeep will explain about the process from his personal life experience from time up to Hardeep goes number 1 on the charts in India after 12 years of hard work, focus, and extreme dedication.

Hardeep also tells how he managed in just a few years, being named among the best speakers in Denmark.
Hardeep talks about what decisions you need to take to reach the highest level.

What does it mean to have the hunger and to be obsessed by the vision, to be dedicated, to have discipline.
Hardeep talks about the understanding of the "battle" - and there MUST be a battle - to achieve the goal.
How to build great confidence through hard work and constant focus on getting better.


Based on his own life story Hardeep talks about why it is important to pursue your dreams in life, about how we can set goals and work to achieve them.

The idea is to explore your full potential by understanding how unique and large our lives are and what we can accomplish in life by pursuing our dreams.

Hardeep will provide examples of how we can take responsibility and take control over our lives without letting our dreams disappear due to limitations, many of us are influenced by. But it requires that we fight for it. This fight has been fought by Hardeep himself; in his school to get an education and feel accepted in society and to be successful in the music industry. When he hit rock bottom, and he fought his way up again and has now chosen to use his communicational skills in a new way.

An hour with Hardeep contains personal stories, key points on how to make visions become a reality, and audience involvement.
It is an inspiring hour of wisdom and dedication presented with a heartfelt passionate approach to making a positive difference in your life.

It's NEVER too late!

This lecture is created for people who feel that they are "stuck" in life.
This may be young people in disadvantaged areas, the unemployed, prisoners, people with addiction.

The speak is about how to let go of negative thoughts.
Being able to analyze his or her own thoughts, and assess whether your actions benefit or harm one's situation.

How to get rid of negative energy, and find strength in themselves.
Hardeep talks about the process you MUST go through to change your situation.

The focus is on the tough decisions in life that must be taken to achieve once vision.
Hardeep will help to find the courage to make your dreams and visions a reality.


To book Hardeep please contact PR Management:
tel: +45 23 20 23 16