I have not actually caught my breath yet, – Hardeep’s lecture today was nothing less than amazing Myself, my colleagues and students really got something to think about. I will do my best to make sure that he will come back and give his speak each year.
Tine Lehwald, Teacher, Knord Lyngby

After 1 hour in the company of Hardeep. I must say that it is the most amazing speak I’ve ever experienced. Hardeep inspires you to chase and achieve your dreams. He must be experienced. The energy, the directness. There were several times where I had goose bumps all over the body.
Susanne K. Westerby, Teacher and career counselor, Center for Skills Development – CKB

We have had many presenters at our college for events with our students, but never have I experienced such a great applause after a 75 min. talk – Ending with a standing ovation. We experienced a speaker that would transform the individual students lives to something better. His message was based on his own life story and all the obstacles and challenges he has overcome. Hardeep was 110% at eye-level with the students and filled the room with both great empathy and authority. Hardeep gave the students a whole new perspective on their lives and future… It is my wish that other students also get to experience his talk. I give Hardeep my best recommendation.
– Ole L. Jorgensen, Teacher at Campus Vejle

Hardeep has a unique ability to speak to the young people, parents, teachers and counselors. His talent to convey powerful personal stories from his own life gives him a rare authenticity. He speaks from the heart to the heart. His own passion going far beyond the stage, imacting even the listeners on very the back row. Young people listen and feel his positive message about taking responsibility for your own life. We have had great success with inviting Hardeep our training evenings. It is a pleasure to watch 4-500 participants (students and parents) responding to his positiv message when Hardeep goes on stage. I highly recommend an hour with Hardeep.
– Jens Christy, Centerleder, UU Oresund

We are thrilled! Hardeep really got a hold of the students. Thank you for a wonderful evening. I have received a lot of positive feedback also from school professionals who want to book Hardeep in their schools.
– Ulla Wiese Christensen, Vice Principle, Hellebæk School, Helsingør, Denmark

I have never seen our 200 students sit so quietly and listen to a speaker for over en hour before. It was amazing.
– North Zealand Business School, Helsingør, Denmark

Hardeep mastered fully telling stories from his own life in an inspiring and fun way. The response from both students and staff, has been super positive. Thanks for a great presentation filled with good energy.
– Hea Jung, Elevcoach Niels Brock

We had invited Hardeep to hold a motivational talk for all of our basic course students at Kold College in May 2013. The idea was that students who completed their training with us, be sent off with a go for it attitude and renewed faith in themselves, and the task they face in finding a placement , start an internship , start re- education, move to a new location or find out what they need… Hardeeps lecture was very inspirational and definitely something that spoke to our students – all students and teachers had an amazing experience that we will definitely repeat!
– Sine Christensen, Educational and career counselor Cold College

Hardeep has given a very compelling lecture to our students. Everyone sat with the feeling : ” You can do it if you really want it ,” a genuine Rosenthal Effect where there was emphasis on all the good , creative and imaginative abilities, we each possess. He was charming , clever, educational and had an empathetic connection with the students. He made them understand that fruitful lives are the result of hard work, and positive focus. Hardeep repeatedly used examples from his own fascinating life to make his point.
– Bent Jacobsen, Principal Gylling School

We are thrilled ! Hardeep really got a hold of our students. Thanks for a great evening. I have received many positive feedback messages also from school professionals who may want to book Hardeep at their schools.
– Ulla Wiese Christensen, Assistant Principal, Hellebæk School

I think it has been a great , great experience . He touches the young people and he also affects the parents.
– Lisbeth Beckett, UU supervisor Elsinore / Fredensborg

To put summarize the day’s theme of jobs and student motivation , we wanted something that could speak to the young people’s hearts in a different way than what we teachers are able to… Hardeep connects to young people in a completely different way than we teachers are able to. Students considered him one of their own. Hardeep’s pep talk was a live image / metaphor for the young people’s thoughts, dreams and self-esteem, and made them see that they themselves are responsible for what happens with their lives. I highly recommend the lecture.
– Ulrik Nielsen, Teacher HG – International Business College , Aabenraa

Let it be said at once: No one at Alsønderup School was disappointed ….. From the first second Hardeep had all the students´ complete attention, and also us teachers. He captured his audience music and charisma, and his stories were incredibly inspiring … for everyone! This show is highly recommended and everyone will get inspired – both students and teachers …… We are convinced that Hardeep will be back to the school again in the future …
– Alsønderup School, Hillerød, Denmark

It is we who thank you very much. You delivered a blast of a lecture. I have today received the last feedback from my colleagues and students . All agree that it was very inspiring to listen to you. In particular your rap! Regarding the theme, so many of the students subsequently used it with each other, for example, we sat in my class and worked with math. Some of the students got silly and noisy. Suddenly one of the girls in the class stood up and said , ” if you just want to make noise, then leave, I want to get better at math because it is my life, my only life.” Many of the teachers later said that some of the students they had feared could not sit still , sat quietly and listened the whole time. Once again, thank you very much.
– Daniel Petrera , Herstedøsterskolen

A recommendation to middelschools. Hardeep held the attention of the approx. 230 pupils for the entire talk. The subjects were drawn for 9th grade examinations the same day and some students were very affected by this before they went into the lecture. After the lecture, the mood was quite different. They students had a much more positive perspective after the ” pep-talk ” Hardeep had delivered. I am sure that Hardeep with his lecture can make a difference for young people. His messages of surrounding yourself with people who support you, that you must be aware of your choices and that you can succeed , was served with great passion and in a style to suit the target audience. A good experience for both students and we adults who were there. Hardeep served his points in a way so they were remembered . And they had an impact on all of us . I think we all went home uplifted.
– Louise Ronne Green, Kulsvierskolen Hillerød