Coaching with Hardeep.

CTM (Core Transformation Method) is a method I have created to work with the mind and thought process to improve mental and emotional focus. The main objective is to empower you to take the necessary steps towards your goal or vision.

I focus on inner mental and spiritual growth in order to strengthen your execution and confidence. We will look at your challenge and analyse it until it is fully understood. From there we will work on the necessary actions that must be taken and specifically how to take action.

Most people know deep inside what they need to do. But most people need also need help to actually do the necessary tasks.

The goal is to take steps forward by analyzing and executing.

Analysis + Execution = Result.

The Analysis is done by looking at your issue(s) from a point of truth. Looking at the challenge without fear. To take responsibility is key to transformation.
Execution happens when the mind feels confidence and understands its own strength.
Success with CTM is possible for anyone who is willing to analyze and execute - anyone who is truly motivated to do something different.

I will help you understand the challenge, analyse what is needed and help you to find the method to take steps forward. I will also tell you what you must do and when.
We will build up your mental toughness in order to help you execute to succeed

I use my down-to-earth straight forward communication skills.

I bring all of my life experiences to bear including international success (and failure) in the music business, coaching international boxing champions, inspiration form american basketball coaches, including my own time as player and and coach, years of business experience in Sales and Customer Service, founding and running my own business, , and of course years of professional inspirational speaking at the highest level.